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Track listing
  1. Boys Life
  2. Bullet Train
  3. Nazi Knife
  4. Real Shit
  5. Russian Roulette
  6. Crystal Clear
  7. White Hammer
  8. Charlie Go Home
  9. Sugar Glidinš
  10. Chelsea Girl
  11. Ride Apache Ride

Boomtown Gems CD/LP

Released July 2008

Signed before even hearing 1 note and amidst broken limbs, APACHE bring forth their first diamond ­ BOOMTOWN GEMS. APACHE is just looking for a good time. Songs about Sugar Glidinš and White Hammer, the boys are here to PARTY! Recorded and Produced at Screaming Viking Studios with Matthew Johnson and APACHE. Mixed at New and Improved Recordings with Eli Crews. The albums sways and moves to the groove of that 70šs glam/punk thing. One friend described them as NY Dolls meet the Ramones meet Kiss. CD VERSION IS DIFFERENT THAN THE LP VERSION. NOT ONLY IS IT MASTERED DIFFERENTLY, BUT THERE IS SOMETHING EXTRA ON THE CD!

Their first single on douchemaster is now sold out. Herešs what they said about the boys: "If the Zeroes had been into The Quick but also quietly listened to a good bit of Alice Cooper, they would have likely sounded like this Apache 45."

Featuring members of The Cuts, Parchman Farm, Ghenghis Khan and others...this band needs no introduction around these parts. Well...maybe just the SF/Bay Area. Apache is a band. 4 dudes. 1 guitar. 1 bass. 1 drummer. 1 singer. The songs are rock n' roll club hits. One after the next, they hit you like a WHITE HAMMER. Described as Kiss meets the Ramones meets the New York Dolls. With elements of 70's pop, glam rock, and stadium drums, Apache's songs are like none before. Truly. The big guy sings falsetto, while the surfer bro behind the kit bangs out beats heavy enough to ride any wave. The guitar player is some sorta re-incarnation of Jimi Hendrix meeting Kurt Cobain in a dark club in NY. And the front man, leading the charge...we simply call him APACHE.

With a changing of the guard, comes El Paso native and childhood friend of the band, Mike Morales on Drums.