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BIRDMAN-A-PHONE is a virtual wing of the Birdman Recording Group, Inc. where, starting in Feb. 2005, every month a full length record will be available for download on all of your favorite pay download web sites. BIRDMAN-A-PHONE will continue Birdman Records' dedication to the best music from a wide variety of genres and artists.

Gris Gris - For the Season EP

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For The Season EP contains songs from The Gris Gris, the sorceress San Francisco outfit assembled by psychedelic shaman Greg Ashley. The album For the Season is the definition of modern psychedelia while providing the vehicle for Ashley's catchy songwriting and complex arrangements; the CD is available now in our store. This digital-only EP contains bonus songs and an experience of Kosse, TX.

Tracks: For the Season, Corporation Station Agent, Sounds from Kosse, TX

Carneyball Johnson

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Carneyball Johnson is:

Kimo Ball - guitars, incendiaries
Scott Johnson - drums, demeanor
Ralph Carney - horns, voice, percussion, toys, slide guitar, keyboards, kitchen sink, host
Allen Whitman - bass, voice, affinity

Recorded live in 2005.

"Creates a one-man musical universe as unique and personal as its title implies. A-" -- Entertainment Weekly

Tracks: It's Gonna End, Intro & What USA?, TheSoundInMyHead, Jackie-ing (Thelonius Monk), Interstellar Nut Guy's Low Ways (Sun Ra), Interstellar Sing-a-long (Sun Ra), Heckraiser (Ralph Carney)

Paula Frazer - Live at Ace of Spades

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Recorded live at the Ace Of Spades in 2005, this live recording is the perfect accompaniment to Leave The Sad Things Behind. The most completely realized, thoroughly individualistic statement in the entire Paula Frazer/Tarnation catalogue yet. Those describing Paula and her music always begin with her extraordinary voice and rightfully so: Frazer's singing makes angelic choirmasters green with envy. At the same time it carries a sensual earthiness with its slight Southern twang, an accent stemming from childhood days singing in her father's choir at his church in northern Arkansas. Songs like "Watercolor Lines" provide brilliant showcases for her remarkable vocals. "Long Ago" is as deep and movingly written as anything she's ever done. On the lighter side is the album opener "Always On My Mind" which has the hooks and grooves of Graham Parsons' Byrds. "Waiting For You" is an epic of longing with a striking, powerful chorus.

Tracks: Bitter Rose, Game of Broken Hearts, Watercolor Lines, Always on My Mind, Waiting for You

Brother JT - Let's Get Wet

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This album is a great accompaniment to 2004's Off Blue. It's relaxed and cool, just like JT. After a few listens, we will all want to get a little wet with this legendary psych/folk/rocker.

“For the past 20 years Brother JT has made records that exemplify the 'freeness' and dark-green/blood-red hazy warmth of true psychedelia. As a songwriter, he is so proficient that no one takes notice; as a guitar player, he subtly outshines any slinger around with riffs, leads and solos that are consistently bewildering.” – Arthur Magazine feature on Brother JT's career.

Midnite Snake - Live at Gooski's

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Recorded live at Gooski's in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA; The Midnite Snake bring you 6 mind numbing Stoner-rock-instrumentals.

Taken from the Mini-disc player of a loyal follower, this recording captures the Snake at their dirtiest. Featuring songs from the new record and classics like Nitro Turbo Overdrive, this recording truly encapsulates a Midnite Snake show. After a couple of peaks in the sound of the first song, this recording is remarkably clean for an audience member. THIS IS NOT FROM THE SOUND BOARD.

As you will hear one audience member say into the microphone:

“Midnite Snake will destroy your f&^%ing brain!”

PFFR - Chrome Ghost

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Pre-natal Fighting Frightening Remembrances, otherwise known as the P to the F to the F to the R, crazies behind debut Birdman classic UNITED WE DOTH and currently creating the MTV hit kids show Wonder Showzen, blood spurt a new EP of complete electronic/guitar rock anarchy. Funny till you die, this EP, AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ONLY on Birdman-a-Phone Records, showcases the hit from their last record JAPONEY APPOE (watch the video on the United We Doth CD or download it right here) and parades through a hearty small plate of PFFR goodness that will make you mad at how happy you have become.

Old Country Blues Vol. 1

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In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Bengt Olsson came to the American South from his home country of Sweden to explore the rich heritage and music that was still alive there. Like George Mitchelle and Alan Lomax before him, Olsson set out to record the musicians he came across. It is fair to say that Olsson's journey went deep, and from it we are able to hear the music of some of the most obscure and important bluesmen in the territories:

Lum Guffin: With a style like Mississippi Fred MacDowell, Guffin toured with Sleepy John Estes and Bukka White to name others. His lack of fame and recorded music is an enigma.

Bishop Perry Tillis: Went to Chicago in the early days only to find religion and move back south to set up a church. Tillis just passed away in late 2004. His mosquito-like guitar playing is beautifully spooky.

Dewey Coley: Leader of the Beale Street Jug Band who, along with guitarist Walter Miller, established the Memphis Sound

All of the musicians on this comp have stories such as these.

Future artists and releases will include:

  • - Rachat Ali Khan (live on the radio)
  • - Shfqat Ali Khan (never before released studio recording)
  • - Old Country Blues Vol. 2
  • - Birdman Records: the very early oversized singles
  • - The final recordings of Napoleon Strickland