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Track listing
  1. Rainsplitter
  2. Welcome to the Cinema
  3. Magic Lover
  4. Where do tears come from?
  5. 21-31
  6. Bad news
  7. Aurora
  8. Biff Rose
  9. Last Exit
  10. Brian's Party
  11. Avenue Waves

Rainsplitter CD Out Now

In Oakland, Thanksgiving has been taking on a lysergic flair over the past few years since Greg Ashley (Gris Gris) and Brian Glaze have made it a tradition of cutting tape in Greg's home studio instead of turkey. And from the latest feast comes Brian Glaze's sophomore effort on Birdman Records: RAINSPLITTER.

Brian Glaze is a modern troubadour from the land that spawned The Brian Jonestown Massacre (of which he was a member), Badly Drawn Boy and Mayo Thompson (Red Krayola). Between the deep, rich and dark songwriting and the masterful Ashley arrangements, Rainsplitter widens Glaze's scope and puts him prominently in place of the New WEIRD AMERICA folk psych scene that is taking the world by storm. Fresh off of the troubadour with the Greg Ashley Medicine Fuck Dream Hootenanny, Brian Glaze is ready to come into your hearts as he splits the rain from the sky on his new album, Rainsplitter.

"Navigating the waters of love lost and found, Glaze draws from his days drumming for the San Francisco psych rockers and sets sail across an ocean of mind-altering melodies with fuzzy guitars, spacey Hammond organs and quivering tambourines" - Oakland Tribune

"Imagine the Gris Gris with more of a Johnny Cash meets Bob Dylan meets a crap-load of acid" --