Lost In Qawwali III

 Flowing with infectious rhythm, hypnotic percussion, mesmerizing repetition and spine-tingling vocal improvization, Qawwali music has thrilled listeners since the 10th Century. One family - the Khans of Pakistan - has dominated this vibrant musical form with an unbroken line of truly great male vocalists. As Qawwali music rides an unprecedented wave of worldwide popularity, the star vocalist of the next generation, the voice that will carry Qawwali music to a whole new level, has emerged to claim the musical baton of his storied family.

 Born in 1968, Badar Ali Khan has already released 22 albums in his native Pakistan. Most recently, working with producer/arranger/composer Suresh "Baba" Varma, Badar has leaped to the forefront of his art, becoming a Qawwali superstar with Baba Records' multimillion-selling album, Good Karma 1. Blending the traditional with the contemporary, the ethereal with erotic, Badar Ali Khan has succeeded in transforming this ancient artform into something totally modern, incredibly potent and powerfully intoxicating for today's young audiences.

Track listings (click for RealAudio sample)

1. Black Night
2. How Beautiful
3. Drowned In Your Love
4. Love
5. The Holy Prophet

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