Breast Fed Yak. Get Your Greasy Head Off The Sham.

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***According to Paul Lemos, an original member of the NY-based experimental/industrial group Controlled Bleeding, his new Breast Fed Yak project "ha[s] completely put aside all electronics on these new recordings [and have gone] back to something much more primal...." Indeed: imagine a naked, 350-pound superhero scatting like Ella Fitzgerald having an epileptic fit (longtime Controlled Bleeding collaborator Joe Papa) backed by a band of Plutonians (Lemos and Yoshida Tatsuya of Ruins) who challenge their instruments to defy the electricity coming out of their 50,000 fingertips. With influences that include Ennio Morricone, Albert Ayler, Captain Beefheart, Sun Ra, and spy movie themes, Get Your Greasy Head Off The Sham mocks classification that terms such as "soul-pain," "dis-funk," and "Sunset Stripped R&B spasmcore" try to capture. With guest appearances by Hakan Almkvist (of Ensemble Nimbus fame) on sitar and The Holy Trinity High School Detention Choir, this music on this album, according to Birdman, will kill you, although not without saving you the last dance at your funeral.

Biographical info

Paul Lemos's work in Controlled Bleeding leans toward classical structure yet still retains a surrealist texture with an embrace of feedback, noise, and groundbreaking recording techniques. Lemos is also known as a respected compiler of tracks for industrial/ experimental music compilation series Dry Lungs-- essential listening for anyone interested in the different and unconventional.

A member of Controlled Bleeding since the mid-'80s, Joe Papa brought a ethereal/gothic vibe to the band. In 1998 he was a Long Island Music Awards nominee for best male vocalist on an indie label. For Get Your Greasy Head Off The Sham, he poses inside the CD book as a thumb-sucking adult baby; an attached birth announcement reveals all sorts of little known biographical details, such as his full name, birth weight, ambitions, turn-ons (which include "acorn sculpture"), turn-offs, personal philosophy, personal fantasy ("to make love on top of the Eiffel Tower, covered in mint jelly"), and so on.

Yoshida Tatsuya is the brainchild behind legendary Japanese rhythm-section duo Ruins, a band he formed in 1985 who have continually astonished many for their dense fusion of hardcore energy, prog-rock theatrics and free-improv virtuosity. He recently appeared on Controlled Bleeding's Can You Smell the Rain Between album (released by Tone Casualties), from which the opening track on Get Your Greasy Head Off The Sham is a remix.

* Members of Controlled Bleeding and Ruins

Real Audio Samples:

Felch Space Scan (Yak Mix)
Eunch Slather Blues
These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)
When the Music's Over
Infant Shake
Orkestra #1
Bo Diddley
That Joey Rejection
In the Shed...
Exorcising Demons from the Hempstead Bus Depot
Schist (Yoshida Mix)
Water Song