Herschell Gordon Lewis
The Eye Popping Sounds of Herschell Gordon Lewis
Available from 14 January, 2002

*37 tracks collected on CD for the first time - the best soundtrack material from the cult legend's filmography, plus radio spots and soundbites

*24-page booklet with disgusting stills and liner notes by Lewis himself

*Front cover lettered by Lux Interior of the Cramps

*A must for trash collectors

In 1962 exploitation filmmaker Herschell Gordon Lewis and his partner David Friedman (a former carny and future porno kingpin) abandoned nudie films and invented a new film genre. Dubbed "the godfather of gore" by John Waters, Lewis began his career in graphic grue with Blood Feast, a film that shocked and disgusted drive-in movie audiences across the country. He followed Blood Feast with a string of gore, biker, horror, juvenile delinquent, and sexploitation films that all bore his trademark style, part of which was his unique soundtrack music. Whether incidental, bluegrass, rock'n'roll or pop, the music in his films was almost always written and often performed by Lewis himself. When outside help was needed, he usually called on inept garage bands and lounge acts to do the job. The Eye Popping Sounds of Herschell Gordon Lewis collects the very best songs from his entire filmography in one bloody package for the very first time. Thirty-seven tracks in all, including rare radio spots and hilarious soundbites, and a beautiful, 24-page color booklet full of disgusting stills from his films and liner notes from the Godfather himself. This package is an absolute must for any fan of grade-Z films and trash culture.

Track Listing:
(linked are in Real Audio to sample)

From Blood Feast
1. Official Warning (Blood Feast disclaimer)
2. Tragic Kettledrums / Eye Gouged Out / Legs Cut Off!
3. Blood Feast (Main Title) / Homicide Bureau
4. Fuad Ramses Exotic Catering Service
5. Brains Knocked Out
6. How Dry I Am
7. Tongue Torn Out
8. 5000 Years Ago / Newscast
9. Critical Condition
10. Ancient Weird Religious Rites
11. Poolside Frolic
12. Trudy Is Sacrificed to Ishtar / Leftovers
13. Chase Scene / A Fitting Death For The Garbage He Was
14. Blood Feast radio spot

From 2000 Maniacs
15. Theme from 2000 Maniacs
16. Recurring Virtuoso Guitar Bit
17. Lister's Garbage / I Told You That Blade Was Sharp!
18. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
19. It's Almost Like Halloween
20. Tom's Bright Idea
21. Escape Attempt / Guests of Honor
22. Quicksand!
23. Dixie
24. Safe At Last
25. Teetering Rock
26. Old Joe Clark

27. Greusome Twosome radio spot
28. White Lightning (from Moonshine Mountain)
29. Suburban Roulette (from Suburban Roulette)
30. The Pill (from The Girl, The Body & The Pill)
31. She Devils On Wheels radio spot
32. Get Off The Road (from She Devils On Wheels)
33. Bad Day (from Blast Off Girls)
34. Noise (from Blast Off Girls)
35. Destruction (from Just For The Hell Of It)
36. Blast Off Girls Rock'n'Roll Party (from Blast Off Girls)
37. Living Venus (from Living Venus)