from the liner notes of It Came From Memphis, Volume 2

1. Good Kid Robert - Come on Down to my House
Recorded on Beale Street1969. Robert Burse and his brother Charlie were essential to the Memphis Jug Band in the 1920s. Part of the jug band's genius is finding instruments where others see none, the trash can being a case in point. [real audio sample]

2. Otha Turner - Boogie
Recorded in Tate County, Mississippi, by Luther Dickinson, mid-1990s. This song is a primer on how to create blues. [real audio sample]

3. Moloch - Smokestack Lightning
Recorded at the Memphis Country Blues Festival,1969. This is the mammoth sound that caused Iggy Pop fans to riot in New York when Moloch opened the show. [sorry, this track not available from] [real audio sample]

4. Sid Selvidge - By Your Side
Recorded at Ardent (on National)1966. American Sound Studios was not the only place in Memphis churning out the soul pop in the1960s. Courtesty of Ardent Records. [real audio sample]

5. Mud Boy and the Neutrons - Let Your Light Shine On Me
This is Jim Dickinson, Lee Baker, Sid Selvidge and Jimmy Crosthwait recorded in 1992. In memory of Lee Baker. [real audio sample]

6. Hammie Nixon, Van Zula Hunt and the Beale Street Jug Band - T'aint Nobody's Business
Recorded in Memphis, circa 1980. As Van Zula Hunt progressed into this song, she got more and more horizontal in her chair, somehow having as much fun sitting as she has with her phrasing. [real audio sample]

7.Johnny Woods and Bobby Ray Watson - Shake Your Boogie
Recorded by Jim Dickinson in 1972 at Ardent (on Madison). Bobby Ray Watson may be the great untold story of Memphis in the late 1960s and 1970s. [real audio sample]

8. Phineas Newborn Orchestra - Calvin's Boogie
Recorded by the band at the Flamingo Room on Beale Street circa1950. In which the cleanest band in town, Memphis' first family of jazz, gets down and dirty. The band cut these acetates around the time they were backing B.B. King on his early sessions. Calvin remains a premiere jazz musician, but this track reveals his blues roots--and his unbounded energy. [real audio sample]

9. Tav Falco's Unapproachable Panther Burns - Train Kept A' Rolling
Recorded at WHBQ-TV at around 9 a.m., circa 1979. Then there was the morning the Panther Burns serenaded the king and queen of Cotton Carnival, live on Memphis television. [real audio sample]

10. B.B. Cunningham - Trip to Bandstand
Recorded at Pepper/Tanner studios in 1959. This was the first song B.B. wrote and recorded. The style worked for him later when, with the Hombres, when he cut "Let It All Hang Out." Today he tours with Jerry Lee lewis. [real audio sample]

11. Jerry Lawler - Memphis, Tennessee
Recorded at Sam Phillips Recording Service, 1975. Professional wrestling meets "Like Flies On Sherbet." [real audio sample]

12. Jim Dickinson and the New Beale Street Sheiks - You'll Do It All the Time
Recorded at Sam Phillips Recording Service, in 1964. Bill Black, Elvis' original bassist, was calling people down to the studio when this was recorded, because he'd never seen anything like it before. [real audio sample]

13. Soldiers of The Cross - Going Down Slow
Recorded at the Memphis Country Blues Festival,1969. A supergroup of Memphis white blues players gets together for a little jamming. (After Bobby Ray Watson, James Hooker Brown may be the second greatest untold Memphis story.) [sorry, this track not available from] [real audio sample]

14. Band of Ones - Family Values
Recorded at the P&H Café, 1991. Randall Lyon: The Pope Of Little Rock. Guru Biloxi: obscurantist exceptionale. [real audio sample]

15. Lawson and Four More - Back For More
Recorded at Ardent (Grandview), circa1964. The original Kinks-like version of this song remains unreleased. [real audio sample]

16. Insect Trust - Special Rider
Recorded at the Memphis Country Blues Festival,1969. If Skip James ever read William Burroughs, this band would have been the soundtrack. [sorry, this track not available from] [real audio sample]

17. Bootleggers Quartet - Bottle Up and Go
Recorded at the bootlegger's house in Fayette County, Tennessee, 1971. White lightning, like good music, needs no aging nor ever grows old. [real audio sample]

18. Secret Track - untitled
[real audio sample]

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make sure to read the companion book, IT CAME FROM MEMPHIS by Robert Gordon with a foreword by Peter Guralinick

Robert Gordon begins where most chroniclers of the music world end and spins a magical fairy tale peopled with Delta bluesmen, a peanut vendor, a matinee cowboy, a professional wrestler, and a manic deejay. It Came From Memphis doesn't focus on Elvis, Al Green, or the Sun/Stax studios. Instead it creeps into the shadows cast by those institutions, concentrating on artists like Jim Dickinson and Alex Chilton, and bands like the MarKeys and Big Star. Gordon limns, with respect and the fascination born of true devotion, the story of white teenagers caught in the middle of an extraordinary confluence of music, entrepreneurship, to usher in an exciting new musical form. The result is a rock 'n' roll and Memphis -- its alma mater.

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