Qawwali's devotional themes of love come from Allah and are sung by men who belong to a Sufi tradition and trace their music back over seven hundred years to the spiritual Samah songs of Persia. There is a long tradition of Qawwali singers in the Ali Khan family, including the man who brought Qawwali to the West -- Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Like his father, uncles and grandfathers before him, Nusrat sang with a fervor and style that reverberated within the being of all his listeners. During his lifetime, Nusrat saw his audience grow from Pakistani devotionalists to a larger, more international group comprised of many races and religions from around the world.

  When Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan passed away in 1997, having just completed his biggest American tour to date, he was at his peak in popularity, and his voice was clear, powerful and inspirational. His group also featured Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, who continues the Ali Khan legacy. Longtime collaborator Baba Varma recorded The Final Moment, a 1996 concert of ecstatic Sufi compositions — a celebration for all who attended — now a vital and loving document of the Voice of the Century.

Track listings: (click for RealAudio sample)

1. Ask Forgiveness From Your Lover, Then From God
2. Holy Prophet Is The Greatest
3. There Is Nobody Greater Than You
4. I'm Your Humble Servent
5. I'm Blessed She's Back
6. Must Must
7. Must Clander

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