feather float

***Pronounced "oh-oh-eye-oh-oh," OOIOO follow up their debut album on Kill Rock Stars with the magnificent Feather Float. Yoshimi of Boredoms / Free Kitten on guitar and vocals, Kyoko on guitar and vocals, Maki on bass, and Yoshiko on drums recognize no one musical style but manage to touch on nearly all of them. New wave, no wave, pop, punk, electronic, trance - it swirls organically in every direction. Like the Boredoms, there is a prevalent primal groove reccuring throughout, yet it is so melodic in parts as to be almost accessible (for a Boredoms-related project, that is).

If you want to look at OOIOO for its patterns, you'll find them both in the band's name and in their quirky loops of sound. It's a patchwork, but it's not a Grandma's quilt. It's more like OOIOO set out to make a blanket and ended up with a Juicemaster.É the manic experimentalism of the Boredoms seems to be boxing the avant-grrl relentlessness of Free Kitten. The catch is, neither wins - they just keep slugging away. . . [W]hat sounds like a spoon hitting different sized glasses . . . eventually gets lost behind crazy power chords and general babbling. . . [A] steady bass beat disintegrates beneath what sounds like a theremin being bludgeoned with a balpeen hammer, but then the beat comes back from out of nowhere. It gets even weirder...OOIOO give another face to the kitsch world of Japanese noise rock.


Track listing, with Real Audio samples:

1. Be Sure to Loop
2. Oizumio
3. Ina {kanji}
4. Ah Yeah!
5. Switch On
6. Jackson's Club "Sunspot"
7. Asozan
8. Baby Bamboo from Nose
9. 1000 Frogs and 3 Sun in a House
10. Ring Ring Lee
11. {kanji} OOIOO