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Greg Ashley
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Every since Greg Ashley was a teenager, and a friend gave him a box of rusted mikes and a burnt out tape deck, he had a love of recording music. He started by recording his first band, The Mirrors, and then the highly acclaimed band The Gris Gris. Wwhen the Gris Gris records came out, many musicians approached Ashley to capture their sound on record. What naturally occurred in the case of Greg's recording career is a well-known story: people liked what he was doing, and wanted him to drive their recording sessions.

Ashley has developed a vintage sound using vintage gear. He has honed his arrangement talents to be able to work with artists and develop the repertoire BEFORE going in the studio…the old fashion way…so that the recordings reflect the artists at their best…playing their own parts and sounding like an immediate and current part of the modern music aesthetic. Ashley can create a studio environment wherever the band feels comfortable recording, and allows the band just enough space to breath as to capture the personality along with the craft. He is the perfect producer/engineer to helm a band's debut recording journey as well as that of a seasoned professional. He works well with anyone ready to take his or her craft seriously.


  • The Mirrors "a green dream" (2001 Pop Quiz Records, 2005 Birdman)
  • The Mirrors "13 patient flowers" (2002 Fleece, 2007 Birdman)
  • Greg Ashley "medicine fuck dream" (2003 Birdman)
  • The Gris Gris "s/t" (2004 Birdman)
  • The Gris Gris "for the season" (2005 Birdman)
  • Greg Ashley "painted garden" (2007 Birdman)
  • Battleship "presents princess" (2004 Raw Deluxe)
  • Battleship "hearts addendum" (2006 Raw Deluxe)
  • Time Flys "fly" (2005 Birdman)
  • Brian Glaze "let's go to the sea" (2005 Birdman)
  • Brian Glaze "rainsplitter" (2007 Birdman)
  • The Foxx "s/t" (Vinyl Countdown Records 2007)
  • Austin Lucas "common cold" (2006 samuel records)
  • Killer's Kiss (2005 Hook Or Crook)
  • Powell St. John "new songs" (Upcoming, Birdman)
  • The Strange Boys "s/t" (2007 Sex Beat)