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Day 12 - Hamilton, Ontario - Corktown Tavern - 9/6

Supposedly the Corktown Tavern is haunted. The story goes like this:

A man, a regular patron of this tavern, is suspected of raping a young girl. The local police are so sure of his guilt that they allow the owner of the bar to take care of the whole situation on his own (he volunteered). The bar owner invites the accused rapist over to the bar for some 'free drinks' because he is a 'regular patron'. The bar owner then proceeds to inebriate the man until he passes out. At this point, he takes him upstairs and hangs him.

Is it really haunted? I don't know, but it is fucked up. Maybe about 3 heads showed up. They weren't watching our set, though. What were they doing? They were fighting, that's what. Two fights broke out. Apparently, most of the patrons are "rounders" as the bartender explained to me. Battleship Ethel was the opening act -- I do like them.

Answers to yesterday's quiz:

A: No.
Bonus: We are all doomed.

if you got this right, Dave Katznelson will give you a hug.

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