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Day 20 - Cleveland, OH - Beachland - 9/14

I have the most admiration for the cook at this club. I'll tell you his name as soon as I can remember it. It makes me sick that I can't remember his name. He is a real person with real compassion. He saw that I was getting sick and he made me some green tea. You never get this from people.

This was the night we played with White Magic and the Fiery Furnaces. Everyone in the Fiery Furnaces is an amazing musician (are amazing musicians?) -- especially the drummer. Unfortunately, after a while, I couldn't handle it anymore. It was too much -- on that night, I wasn't in the mood for it. But White Magic is...I don't know what to say. Their best stuff was not on the EP that we got, but the majority of this release is amazing.

Day 21 - Athens, OH - Union Pub - 9/15

I don't remember too much about this day. Edwards made a speech at the college. I don't remember any of it. All I remember is waiting. I feel like I waited longer here than in any other city. Scott Winland is a good booking agent.

Day 22 - Columbus, OH - Bourbon St. - 9/16

This is the night we played with Shell Shag. See them live. They have a song called "1 2 3".

What else? We stayed with this man, a nice man. Gene Mullet. We were there after the show, and I listened to High on Fire. I sat in a chair and pointed all the speakers at my head. Squiggy was there too. He didn't like High on Fire...He actually went out of his way to provoke me. "They're not metal...they're just crap". Over and over again. All I remember is laughing at him.

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