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Day 30 - Jackson, MS - Martin's Lounge - 9/24

Ok, this night was a good one. I miss doing this: We cleared the whole place out. I never get so excited as when we do this. Instead of entertaining them, we entertain me. This one bitch was the best: She went so far as to sit right in front of the stage with her back facing us. I couldn't be more pleased!

Oscar is always the crowd pleaser. "Patient Flowers," he says -- he wants to win them over.

"Fuck them, let's do the shaker song," I said.

I won. This wasn't enough. I wanted to jam on the last song for 20 minutes. I didn't get this.

We stayed with a gay preacher.

Day 31 - Houston, TX - Rudyard's - 9/25

Don't ever play here. I mean Rudyard's.

Day 32 - Houston, TX - off - 9/26

Thanks to these people: Tom, Gina, Bob. We played an in-store. Mouth-breather was at the party. Earlier in the day, we ate soup with Greg's parents. Greg's dad is like a prophet and his mom is like my mom, Bonnie.

Day 33 - San Antonio, TX - Tacoland - 9/27

Everybody should play here. If you're a band, go out of your way to play here. You'll see the Grasshopper. He'll tell you about his film, "The People who Shat Soap."

Also: a mistake. On the 23rd, I believe, we played Memphis. You're lucky if you go through here and meet Margaret, Chris and Carl. They're nice individuals.

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