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Day 2 - Seattle, WA - Sunset Tavern - 8/27

One of the best shows of the tour so far. The place is packed, and we're all drunk on Miller High Life - talls. What else can I say about that place? Oh yeah: We're banned from there forever because Greg took a shit in the urinal. Nonetheless, they let us keep the money. Decent people.

Afterwards, we stay at Emily's friend's house in...shit, whatever town it is that Bill Gates lives in. Everybody hits the jacuzzi. I look best with my shirt off. Roadhouse gets second place.

Today's Word Problem:

If Dru Down consumes one 40 of Country Club, 3 cans of 'Club' Strawberry Daquiri, 4 bottles of orange Cisco, 1 tall can of King Cobra, and half a bottle of Hypnotiq, all within 2 1/2 hours...

  • 1. What is Dru Down's B.A.C.?
  • 2. Is it legal for Dru Down to drive a car?
  • 3. Does Dru Down give a fuck?
  • 4. If he did drive, what kind of car would it be?
Answers in next diary entry.

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