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Day 43 - Los Angeles, CA - off - 10/7

Mr. O gazes into the face of his friend, Mr. M., with the secret knowledge that something is wrong with it.

Mr. M.: So, I'm opening a new store and I'm going to sell knick-knacks, doo-dads and...

Mr. O.: (interrupting) You know, your face isn't holding up so well.

Mr. M.: I'm sorry?

Mr. O.: Your face ... it used to be ROUND and NICE. Now it's sort of OBLONG ... and now there are multiple layers. I'm not so sure you're taking care of your face the way you should be.

Mr. M.: I don't know, I think my face is all right. I shave and wash it regularly.

Mr. O.: I'm talking about the SHAPE of your FACE. I'm also talking about the color of your face -- it used to have so much color ... now it seems BLEAK and TRANSPARENT ... like a GHOST or a CORPSE.

Mr. M.: I've always taken excellent care of my face. I use top-of-the-line cosmetics. I have a moisturizer and a special....

Mr. O.: (interrupting) I'm talking about SPIRITUAL WEAR and TEAR. Your new face is the symptom of a ... MORAL BANKRUPTCY ... it's hard for me to look at it anymore ... I feel like I want to FIX your FACE, but I know that I CAN'T. In order to restore your face I would need to change your INNER STRUCTURE.

Mr. M.: That's absurd.

Mr. O.: I would need to open you up and repair all the DAMAGED CONNECTIONS, and if I can't do that, maybe I should just SEPARATE ALL THE PARTS and RE-ASSEMBLE YOU. Maybe I can bring back my OLD FRIEND ... RAISE HIM from the DEAD. then I can look at your face again without this ... UNBEARABLE sense of DOOM.

Mr. M.: It's late, I should go home.


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