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Day 46 - Fresno, CA - off - 11/26

Well, now we get down to it. No more tour diary. Was it fun? If anything interesting happened, I promise you, I wrote it down.

it's the day after Thanksgiving. My parents are in the mountains. I'm on my fifth Bud Light. it's 4:34 pm. David Katznelson wants me to keep this thing going. I guess I will.

day 86 - Fresno, CA - off - 12/5

Q: I believe in the shape

A: yes?

Q: I bow down to the shape

A: all right

Q: I would do anything for the shape

A: the shape will fail you

Q: the shape has never failed me. the shape is everything.

A: the shape comes from nothing, and thus returns to nothing. the shape was nothing, and shall be nothing again. the shape is not a creature, but a shadow of a non-creature. the shape is a shadow upon the dark horse.

Q: the shape is clearly defined. all else is conjecture.

A: what is your business?

Q: I seek to understand the souls of men.

A: . . .

Q: I exist in violent opposition to the universe

A: now we're talking. and...the shape is of the universe.

Q: the shape is excused because I love the shape. the shape operates independently of said universe.

A: the shape is the universe. if you love the shape, you love the universe.

Q: I exist in violent opposition to the universe.

A: then, you are a living, breathing schematic for doom

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