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day 110 - League City, TX - at bottom: the scraper - 3/3/05

Ivan Lendl has a Chinese dinner with the Illustrious One. they sit near a fishtank.

Ivan Lendl: look, that fish has the wrong swim.

Illustrious One: it thinks to me.....the darkness of the universe...

Ivan Lendl: and?

Illustrious One: it thinks to me: imagine how there are four corners to a room (if you conceive of it in one dimension).

Ivan Lendl: the universe is infinite.

Illustrious One: that is the funny thing, friend. the universe is not infinite, insofar as one must traverse an infinite space in order to reach one side of said universe from the other. instead: imagine there is an infinite number of corners to this universe, and each corner is the darkest corner. or, perhaps, to make it easier: one corner for each soul.

Ivan Lendl: one for each soul.

Illustrious One: that is where we dwell -- each man in his own corner of the universe, and each of those corners is the darkest corner.

Ivan Lendl: how, then, shall we find one another?

Illustrious One: it thinks to me: ALL the fish have the WRONG SWIM.


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