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day 112 - Kosse, TX - Ballers Disco - 3/25/05

  • 1. the man stands
  • 2. the man thinks of Eskimo Nell for approximately 3 minutes
  • 3. the man enters a tub full of icewater while listening to Mahler's 'Kindertotenlieder' in order to: "Elicit an ancient suffering"
  • 4. he starts a brushfire
  • 5. he realizes there is no sin (or, the opposite):
    • 5a. ex: to witness a junebug in the clutches of a spider.
    • 5b. it is as much a sin to ignore the situation as it is to set the junebug free.
  • 6. "we are doomed"
  • 7. (passing thoughts of suicide) to which he announces to himself: "it is a beaten horse"
  • 8. an arrest and incarceration, which he accepts casually.

day 113 - League City, TX - Anton LaVey - 3/29/05

Anton LaVey hated the song "rockin' robin" more than anything in the world. it disturbed him to an unimaginable extent. other popular songs of the time would not affect him in this way, but for some reason, this song turned him into a vicious animal. few had witnessed it, and all accounts are from anonymous sources. it went like this:

Anton LaVey would:

  • 1. start side-stepping to the beat
  • 2. place his hands on his hips and begin to kick the ground with his feet, like a bull
  • 3. bob his head back and forth, like a pigeon
  • 4. place himself at an uncomfortably close distance from any witness, and penetrate them with "a truly disturbing glare"
  • 5. continue this gyration at an ever-increasing tempo -- so that, quickly, his rhythm had nothing to do with the rhythm of the song
  • 6. for the entire duration of the song, breathe through his nostrils
    (at this point, the subject would, usually, decide either to endure this, or attempt to step away...Anton LaVey would either pursue the subject, or find a new one (either animate or inanimate))
  • 7. begin to grunt, like a restrained beast (this was said to be the most disturbing element of this rare occurence). the sound was--"inexplicable and horrid"
  • 8. eventually collapse into what could best be described as an epileptic fit (noteworthy were his strong legs flailing in the air -- this was when it was especially unsafe to be near him)

of course, Anton LaVey would never, of his own volition, play this song. but if he came upon the song while it was on the radio, he would never turn the radio off, or request that the song be stopped. though he did not actually believe in demons, one could say that he was truly possessed. instead, as one witness put it, he would: "explore the disturbance in his brain as a conqueror would traverse and obliterate an enemy territory".

none of the witnesses were ever injured, but all were somehow plagued by this for years after the occurrence.

day A - Houston, TX - Rudyard's - 3/30/05

skeptics beware, this is your apocalypse

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