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Day D thru Y - U.S. and Canada - 4/2/05 thru 4/23/05

things that come to mind:

  • 1. in Columbus, OH -- Greg's dick was out during the show. I didn't see it, but he told me about it later. he was borrowing his dad's boxers, and they were somehow structurally that the pee hole is always open. if you ever look at Greg, you notice that none of his pants have a zipper that works. so, that's what happened...a penetration of two holes....he said he noticed about half way through the set and fixed himself. I'd like to know if anybody in Columbus noticed.

  • 2. Pittsburgh, PA. we did not play here, but took a rest instead. I had never read H. Hesse's 'Demian' before, so I picked it up in Houston. by the time we were in Pittsburgh, I had read of ______, an all-encompassing god (good and evil, etc.). _____ was an interesting word to me, I had never seen it before. I brought it up at Goosgi's....the topic was possible names for the new album....I wrote down _____, and passed it to Oscar...I said "what does this make you think?" and he responded, "Santana."


    Oscar passed the paper to Bob and Bob started cracking up. "what?" ... turns out 'Abraxis' is the name of a Santana album. I think somebody said, "dang, you're on the same page as Santana!" you see, I feel guilty about talking shit during this tour...and I want to absolve myself...I want to express my humility...yes, I was on the same page as Santana, and it will haunt me for the rest of my life. if you're with me that God presents you with original thought, then you can see how he decided I should humiliate myself. it is my punishment.

  • 3. Montreal, ON. Roadhouse and I drank 32's of Fin du Monde at the laundromat while doing our wash. maybe they were 22's. Bob was there, we got to talking about who cares about what...some shit talking...the sin continues.

  • 4. Seattle, WA. I am sold a bus ticket to Fresno and give a nod to my ride disappears. then I am denied access to the bus by the driver because I "smell like a brewery". I become irate and the security guard is brought out, whom I threaten. I am given a refund, minus a "cancellation fee"...then kicked out. Josh rescues me...I can't remember the name of his band now, but they are good.

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