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6/3/05 - Fresno - home - on behalf of myself and, it seems, no other

taken from an interview with the Cheater Slicks in Panache magazine:

  • Q:

    Is there a responsibility for people that have experience in music, or is there something we should or could do to make sure the generations behind [sic] us find the same depth in music that they may not find in this world filled with distractions do [sic] to technology? Is there an underground?
  • Tom:

    This is my corny answer that I give, and I believe it. I think that the thing that is missing in music is the spirituality. When people ask "How do I get the meaning in it? What's the meaning in it, why do we do this?" Well people aren't looking for the spirituality in music anymore. They are just self serving. So their influence ... they're just pasting their influence on something, but spirituality, that means coming from yourself and a quest.
(At the introduction of this hot topic the room explodes with drunken opinions and I was unable to really make much sense of what anyone was saying or meaning . . .)

-- it was either Shell or Shag from Shellshag doing the interview


I, like you,
love love, life, the sweet enchantment
of things, the celestial blue
countryside on January days.

But my blood boils
And I laugh with the eyes
That have known tears.

- Anonymous Salvadorean poem

(found on the back of a Kate Wolf record)

and, third:

we are all ripe with judgement
we may as well embrace it

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