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5/16/05 - Fresno, CA

yesterday's story was actually FALSE, which I guessed correctly. it seems like they start off with an easy one on every episode. this means that someone wrote this story. what does it mean? I believe it has something to do with people helping one another, even if they're not aware of it. when the shop owner does his solo, it's obviously way better than the power chords that were being played earlier...he was helping them understand what was good about music...he was showing them what it's all about. the youths were jealous of his capabilities, and were determined to prove that youth wins over old age. but instead of proving this, they ended up restoring the man's hearing. the story does not continue, but I would imagine they all become friends.

2. Milk Can

the setting is a small, rural farming community. the focus is on a family who has a regular visitor -- Gus. he is the dairy farmer and he delivers their milk in a large can. Gus is well-liked and he is friendly toward the family (two parents and a daughter). on this particular occasion, Gus plays a magic trick on the young girl. he reaches behind her ear and says "look what I got!" he pulls his hand back, opens it, and a quarter is there. he gives the quarter to the girl and leaves. by the next day, the milk can is empty. something strange happens -- the milk can begins to shake violently, making a loud racket. nobody knows what to do. "get that out of here," says the wife, and the husband drives it back to Gus' house. an interesting note: he places the can in the passenger seat and not in the bed of the truck. when he arrives at Gus' house, it is revealed that Gus has just had a stroke. he is taken to the doctor and saved. had the can not behaved as it did, nobody would have visited Gus, and Gus would have died.

true or false?

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