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Crazed musical brilliance from the creators of Wonder Showzen (featuring Snoop Dogg). Also check out their download-only EP on Birdman-a-Phone.

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8/31 - Fresno, CA

a man sells dubbed tapes at a swap meet. his tapes fall to the ground and someone steps on them.

man: quit steppin on my dubs, dub

9/20/05 - Fresno, CA - I left Berkeley in the year 2000

Joe lent me this book by John Fahey. Joe is rare, and people like Joe are rare. I found this in the book:


It is the mid-sixties. Berkeley, California. My family exploded, I am ten thousand miles from home. Trying to find a niche. A place to fit into. Some good friends. Maybe even a girlfriend. I do not know yet that you cannot find these in Berkeley. Berkeley is the worst possible place in the world to meet people who will love you and appreciate you. Friendship does not exist here. Because Berkeley people regard the expression of emotion "bad form." You must never show love or hate or even affection. Mellow. You can--in fact you must--always project mellow. Even though it is purely an affectation, even though it is not an emotion, it is not even real, you must always show forth mellow and nothing else. Berkeley people are cursed by this imprisonment in mellow. But they do not know it. And the last thing they want is for someone to tell them so. Mellow is of course a cover-up. . .

. . .

But I do not know this yet. I am young and stupid and naive.


this seems to apply not only to Berkeley, but all densely populated areas of California.

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