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Answer to yesterday's trivia:

c. correct

Day 9 - Green Bay, WI - The Main Stage - 9/3

I walked in on Oscar while he was examining his anus in the bathroom mirror. "It seems discoloured," he said. I told him it was fine. Then he told me that he never felt a real sense of love until he heard Tupac say "It wouldn't be LA without Mexicans".

Today's lesson:
Episode 4: Cliffhanger

Ronald McDonald and Mr. Norris are at a cowboy ranch -- it is morning time. They are walking with their horses -- Mr. Norris has a brown horse and McDonald has a white horse with black spots. They stop to pet their horses' faces. McDonald's horse is wearing a gold necklace with a cross pendant.

Norris: My horse will never be as beautiful as yours.

McDonald: That's because you don't love your horse as much as I love mine. Through love comes beauty.

Norris: it's so hard to love. How do you do it?

McDonald: Just look at these hands...

(McDonald's hands shine brightly in the morning sun)

McDonald: With these hands I crafted a necklace for my horse. Now he gallops with love in his heart.

Norris: I don't know how you do it.

McDonald: That's because you're of a different league than I. You're sick-hearted, Mr. Norris. You have to fix your heart if you're ever going to love anyone or anything.

(Mr. Norris leans over and whispers something into McDonald's ear)

(McDonald jumps on his horse and gallops away toward the sun)


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