Get a taste of the old and the new - For a limited time, get the LP version of Peter Walker's Rainy Day Ragga and the CD version of Spanish Guitar together for one low price. They are only pressed this way. We do not have LP's of spanish guitar or cd's of rainy day ragga. Sorry!

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Track listing
  1. Ecks Em Eye
  2. Peregrine Downstream
  3. Cuerpos Haran Amor Extrano
  4. Down With Jesus
  5. Big Engine Nazi Kid Daydream
  6. Year Zero
  7. Skin Mass Cat
  8. Everytime
  9. Mary #38
  10. Necessary Separation
  11. Best Regards

Live At the Creamery CD/LP Out Now

The twilight had come and the fat lady sang. The final bell tolled by the brightest sons of the Oaklandish Psychedelic revolution. Recorded live at the warehouse where Greg Ashley resides. Here is the final piece to that hazy, mysterious, yet strangely familiar sound this band has been able to create. Playing songs from both records with ferocity and sonic mayhem, the story of the Gris Gris is here. Bright. Swirling. Gnarly. Electric.


“FOR THE SEASON: a smattering of breezy folk melodica; a sploosh of subterranean psych burblings; several blasts of art- punk skronk; some mod-nodding swamp rock; and a pinch of swirly, twirly Cajun hoodoo. Soupy and chaotic as it may be, there’s something truly hypnotic about the indescribability of it all.” – B+ - ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY