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Howlin' Rain
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Track listing
  1. Self Made Man
  2. Phantom
  3. Can't Satisfy Me Now
  4. Cherokee Werewolf
  5. Strange Thunder
  6. Plex Reception
  7. Darkside
  8. Beneath Wild Wings
  9. Collage
  10. Walking Through Stone
  11. ...still walking, still stone

The Russian Wilds
Gatefold LP (w/MP3 download and etching)
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Releasing February 14, 2012

Recorded/Mixed by : Tim Green
Art Director : Arik Roper
Executive Producer: Rick Rubin

San Francisco Bay Area-based power quintet Howlin Rain's third album The Russian Wilds passionately protests the currently popular notion that heroically conceived and executed rock music is a thing of golden ages passed. Arriving in North America on Valentine's Day 2012, The Russian Wilds is a sprawling, Pynchon-esque labyrinth and a colorful, feeling-filled catalyst for hungry minds. It's the masterwork earlier studio sets and Howlin Rain's barn-burning live shows have hinted at given blood and bone by a group in their fighting prime.

Howlin Rain / The Russian Wilds / 2 LP

Howlin Rain emerged in 2004 from the incendiary embers of San Francisco's underground noise-psych legends, Comets on Fire. A rag-tag trio of soulful chooglin' and fuzz box triumph, Howlin Rain forged their own trails into the Cosmic California sound with their self-titled debut in 2006 (Birdman Records).

In 2007, just before the release of their second album, Magnificent Fiend, producer Rick Rubin signed the band to his American Recordings label. Between 2006 and 2009 Howlin Rain toured the US and Europe extensively with The Black Crowes, Queens of The Stone Age, Black Mountain, Mudhoney and with legends and Howlin Rain faves Terry Reid and Roky Erikson.

Under Rubin's guidance, their new album, The Russian Wilds, took nearly three years to complete and its long strange trip is engrained in every inch of its breadth and scope. The Russian Wilds is a 61 Minute Rock and Roll Journey that at once recalls the great sprawling albums of the 70s like The Allman's Live at the Fillmore East, Hendrix's Electric Ladyland, Santana's Lotus and Love's Forever Changes while simultaneously beating their own unique road via frontman Ethan Miller's literary-lyrical meditations on loss, sorrow and redemption delivered above the band's dynamic din of deep grooves, soaring harmonies and blazing fuzz guitars.

At once bombastic, ethereal, dark and beautifully executed as an ALBUM in the truest sense of the word, The Russian Wilds stands on its own dark mountain in today's musical landscape.

Howlin Rain is:

Ethan Miller, Vocals, Guitars
Cyrus Comiskey, Bass
Joel Robinow, Keys, harmony vocals
Raj Ojha, Drums