Friday, February 15, 2008

Audio Dregs Explores Ambient Parameters

While many folks often attribute the term "ambient" to shitty chill rooms at raves in the '90s or compilations featuring obscure whale sounds and the like, it's important to note that there are still labels and artists that help define the genre as something more than a post-new age fad. Point in case, the forthcoming Ambient Not Not Ambient compilation. Released by the Portland-based imprint Audio Dregs, this 17-track escape into the subconscious is indicative of the spirit of punk, channeled through a haze of mescaline and trippy vibes.

Featuring trippers from Valet (a.k.a. Homney Owens), Chris Herbert, Lucky Dragons, Yellow Swans, White Rainbow, and way more, the collection travels through layer upon layer of delay, modulating pads, subtle noise, and the occasional vocal treatment. And even though you may not here the sounds of sludgy decay and avant-noise on many forthcoming Birdman releases, rest assured that every artist on this comp could satiate the apetite of any drunk garage enthusiast or psych warrior alike.

Ambient Not Not Ambient is out April 29 on Audio Dregs.

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