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Lou Lou & the Guitarfish
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Track listing
  1. One In a Crowd
  2. Shattered Glass
  3. Everything Is Fine
  4. Red Lips On a Grey Morning
  5. Burn Away
  6. Cheap Thrills
  7. Hit Me
  8. The Tingler
  9. Dogs and Dice
  10. Quadrophonics
  11. For the Birds


Released June 24, 2008

Blending classic garage rock with contemporary pop leads, Lou Lou & The Guitarfish rock San Francisco with a fresh, jovial attitude. Fronted by Lou Lou & George Rosenthal (heirs of CRIME's Hank Rank and VS's Carola Anderson), this 5-piece maintain a WHO-like piledriving hard rock style - heavy double guitar playing, a buzzy but bubblegummy lead vocal style, and monstrous drumming that catches your nostalgic San Francisco-in-the-70s heart instantly.

The band's self-titled debut album unveils Birdman's youngest signed band to date and discovers the emerging young Bay Area talent that everyone subconsciously craves. These teens rock with their heart, their hair, and their color. Also featuring Mark Nelsen Nathan "Master" Pastor and Lena Brown.

Recorded in two days and produced by none other than David Katznelson himself.


For fans of: Crime, Mooney Suzuki, The Who, The Avengers, Blondie, The Cuts, King Diamond