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We're all regretting doing this. But since no one likes a quitter we've decided to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of this tour and not contemplate our individual escape.

Instead of having to drive across the country in a 198(?) Ram Charger dragging a U-Haul trailer, we have two vehicles. Tom rented a Dodge Neon that we (“we” being me) named “The Gnarly Slump Buster.” It has air conditioning. Tom says it's okay if we smoke in it, even though he opted not to get the insurance. Bad move Tom. Bad move.

The show in Jackson would not only be the 1st stop of our tour, but would also double-up as Sam Parker's 25th Birthday. And though he probably doesn't remember, he had a really great time. I vaguely recall him telling me how Sparks makes his piss smell like balogny, and how he really dug my ascot. Roadhouse said Sam tried to smell his piss to see if it also smelled like balogny. Jeremy denied him his essence.

The bands that played before us at W.C. Don's both went over their set time, and we didn't go on until 1:40 a.m. So we basically got paid $300, a 12-pack of High Life, free slaw dogs (God bless the Deep South) all for a twenty minute set. I think the club owner thought I was Jewish, cause he kept pushing Kosher dogs on me. “Nathan's… a hot dog you trust!”

Tom and Chad played the 1st game of their ongoing pool tournament. The wager they made was for the other's profits (haa!!!) from the shows. Another bad move on the part of Tom Lee if you ask me, but he actually beat Chad twice in a row. Who doesn't love rooting for the underdog. Chad seemed to take losing quite well, but a shit stain just happened to mysteriously appear in the backseat of Tom's rental car there after. Hhmm?

Quote of the Day

“I only smoke when I shit.”