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There is lots of really great shit to see in and around Memphis: the Staxx Museum, Graceland, Sun Studio, etc, etc. We saw none of those places, but we did make it to Graceland Too, which was both amusing and disturbing. After being pathalogically lied to for about two and a half hours by the toothless pride and joy of Holly Springs, Mississippi we made it to the Buccaneer in Memphis. All in all it was a good show.

Tom was harassed by a gay militant Asian crackhead who kept putting the moves on him to no avail. In the face of rejection, he then told Tom that they were not brothers and quickly found another victim. When Sam passed out, the creepy Asian guy made his move and gave him a back massage like no other. Trey confided in me that he secretly wanted one too. The Buccaneer has no pool table, so obviously no round two of the Tom and Chad pool tournament that night. Chad said that he thought it wasn't fair to skip games. Tom's confidence is on the rise. Greg has propositioned a wager. He thinks Tom will prove victorious. I told him that I hoped he was right, but that I couldn't make that bet. Alicia of River City Tanlines/Lost Sounds is a really nice and understanding person for letting us stay at her house.

Quote of the Day

“Fuck this…I'm goin on my own tour!”