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Track listing
  1. The Suburban Strate Coat
  2. Patient Flowers
  3. The Lonely Head
  4. The Stars in Their Orbits
  5. I Don't Wanna Wanna
  6. Make 'Em Bleed
  7. Another Lonely Sunday
  8. One Million Strange Painted Days
  9. Some Sweet Sedation
  10. Love Me, Love You?
  11. The Trip
  12. Electric Daydream
  13. Unpink the Pink

13 Patient Flowers CD/LP March 6 2007

Multi-instrumentalist Greg Ashley has gained acclaim and recognition as frontman of Oakland's incredible Gris Gris, a band who combine Syd-era Floyd psychedelia, VU drone and '60s garage rock. In an attempt to release all things Gris Gris, Birdman excavates Ashley's earlier works to showcase his talents in their formative stages while keeping these jewels in print.

Ashley started playing with The Mirrors as a nineteen-year-old in Texas. In 2001 the band released the vinyl-only A Green Dream (since re-issued by Birdman) which caught the interest of Fleece Records who in turn released the band's second full-length, 13 Patient Flowers, now proudly re-issued by Birdman.

Released posthumously in 2003, the album combines hotheaded retro-rock with groovy ballads, tinny xylophone, feng shui recitations and occasionally a confusion that approaches the Sun City Girls. Pervading it all is an acid-drenched folky psychedelia that would make fellow Texan Roky Erickson proud. An early hint of the Gris Gris to come.