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Track listing
  1. the bear comes back down the mountain
  2. the peacock's eye
  3. it made you dumb
  4. sacred place
  5. become a monky
  6. ice fields
  7. milk moustache
  8. season of sweets
  9. live like kids

Season of Sweets CD/LP

Released May 13, 2008

Pittsburgh’s most loved sons, The Modey Lemon, rip through 3 years of silence with their new record, Season Of Sweets. With one foot in the sci-fi darkness of their last record Curious City, one foot in their past garage angst-ridden wreckage and one foot in the kautrock brilliance of the German Frontier (what, three feet?) Season Of Sweets is a fuzzed out, driving masterpiece with catchy hooks beaten to death by guitar/synth mayhem and the anchor of Paul Quattrones drums of passion. As primitive as it is futuristic, Modey Lemon is recreating the present, molecule by molecule, every second of every breath.

The Trio from Pittsburgh returns with another helping of sugary sweetness that rots your teeth and leaves you wanting more. Recorded during the dead of winter in Pittsburgh, PA at the Brass Factory. Mixed and recorded by Jason Kirker, member and principal noisemaker.

The last 2 years have been very, very interesting for the band. After signing with MUTE recording in the UK and playing the granddaddy of all venues, THE FILLMORE opening for Dinosaur Jr., the band took some time away to regroup and work on new material. The result is SEASON OF SWEETS.

Driven by drummer extraordinaire Paul Quattrone, the songs twist and turn through the imagery and dark rock that has made Modey Lemon famous. Jason Kirker (engineer and band member) uses various keyboards, moog's and instruments to make the sound more full. At the heart of this album is the energy and mysticism singer Phil Boyd leads you on.

For fans of: Guru Guru, Amon Dull 1, Chrome, Davana, The Who