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"These Pittsburgh-based nutcases have an utterly unique sound that will remind you of about ten of your favorite bands at once...eccentricity incarnate and thoroughly splendid with it." -- Kerrang

"The sound is monstrous...This is how alienation really sounds. Just suck it and see." -- NME

"Like a chapter of Hell's Angels moving in next door to a suburban semi, Modey Lemon make the recent garage band look rather staid... As experienced in under-the-counter Black Sabbath riffs as they are in X-rated Suicide static" -- MOJO

"You think you listen to music with passion and integrity? That may be true to a degree, but The Modey Lemon wear that passion on their sleeves and ingrain it onto your eardrums..." -- Drowned In Sound

"These dirt buckets do it to death, dumping a mound of scuzz atop the graves of all your favorite, long-gone Nuggets wannabes." -- Spin