Get a taste of the old and the new - For a limited time, get the LP version of Peter Walker's Rainy Day Ragga and the CD version of Spanish Guitar together for one low price. They are only pressed this way. We do not have LP's of spanish guitar or cd's of rainy day ragga. Sorry!

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The Curious City CD/LP. Released August 2005. Tracks: Bucket of Butterflies; Sleepwalkers; In Another Land; Mr Mercedes; Fingers, Drains; Red Lights; In the Cemetery; Mountain Mist; Countries; Trapped Rabbits.
Split 7" with Apes. Released summer 2005. Tracks: In Another Land (Modey) and The Night-Time Reaper (Apes)
Thunder & Lightning CD/LP. Released spring 2004. Tracks: Crows, Thunder & Lightning, Enemy, Predator, Electronic Sorceror, Tongues (Everybody's Got One), Ants in My Hands, Slow Death, The Other Direction, Gemini Twins, The Guest
Predator EP. Released Jan 2004. Tracks: Predator, Tongues (Everybody's Got One), Poisonous Ink Clouds, Left and Dented, Black Flamingoes