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Track listing
  1. Low on Air
  2. Pray Til You Sweat
  3. That's What You Get
  4. Gabriel's Horn
  5. Black Plastic Tarp
  6. Flashy New Dance Steps
  7. Crystal Brown Vibrations
  8. Levitation
  9. Sunnyland
  10. Gabriel's Horn (Slight Return)
  11. He Stopped Loving Her Today
  12. Open Your Arms
  13. On Your Arrival

Monkeywrench CD Out February 25

Monkeywrench: Celebrating 17 years of a great idea; putting together the progenitors of the modern underground featuring Mark Arm and Steve Turner of Mudhoney fame, together with Tim Kerr (Poison 13, King Sound Quartet, The Big Boys), Gas Huffer's Tom Price, and Martin Bland (Lubricated Goat), Monkeywrench is nothing less than a Punk/Grunge supergroup.

You won't be surprised to find the same glorious, fuzzed-out mess that characterizes Mudhoney's work, but there are notable differences here: Monkeywrench provides a twisted take on everything from country to Psychedelic and offers impressive bluesy guitar playing. There is a Texas roots taste spread through the tracks while the rhythm section lays down a fast and furious groove (Turner's bass playing is outstanding) while dueling guitars engage in a race to the finish line. Then there's Mark Arm's influential rasp -- an unkempt, sneering yowl. It's comforting to know these gents haven't settled down.

For fans of: Mudhoney, The Big Boys, Lubricated Goat, The Sonics, The Big Boys, The Dicks, MC5