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  • July 25 2006

    - Birdman is proud to announce the signing of APACHE. Check them out in SF and NY!
  • April 23 2006 -

    Debut albums coming soon from The Nice Boys and Howlin' Rain
  • The new single from The Cuts is now available in our store. Features "I'm Not Down" and two more.
  • Gris Gris launch tour with Warlocks to prepare for release of For the Season, out October 28th. Gris Gris have been chosen by NME as Single of the Week!
  • The Time Flys are playing the West Coast in Support of Fly out now! "Time Flys are all bored, beer swilling, Midwest blurt-out goofitude. Songs about dumb friends, dope gulping, and occasional lapses into caveman analogies harken to that pre-Pistols blip when 'punks' would rather spend their rent money on comic books than haircuts." - Seattle Stranger
  • Paula Frazer announces shows in support of Leave the Sad Things Behind, out October 4th. "The opener, 'Always on My Mind,' immediately sweeps you away to a parlor co-habited by Tindersticks, Chris Isaak, Charlie Rich and Karen Carpenter." - Derk Richardson, SF GATE
  • Tom Recchion to perform in OrkestRova: John Coltrane's Electric Ascension Los Angeles Project: 9/30 and 10/1/2005 @ REDCAT - Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater
  • Birdman flies to ArthurFest: Modey Lemon, The Time Flys and Young Jazz Giants will all be playing Monday, September 15
  • Paula Frazer and Greg Ashley will be in the United Kingdom, doing mostly press and a few shows
  • The Gris Gris to play All Tomorrow's Parties in the UK in December; meanwhile, they will be touring with The Warlocks in October
  • Coming this fall: New releases from Paula Frazer, The Gris Gris, and more
  • Available August 16th: Modey Lemon - The Curious City -- catch Modey Lemon with Dinosaur Jr August 17th in San Francisco and August 18th in Los Angeles
  • Available August 2nd: The Time Flys - Fly -- 12 songs of rock/punk straight outta Oakland CA. Recorded with Greg Ashley of The Gris Gris and The Mirrors
  • Foetus Love out now!
  • Birdman is proud to present the first in a series of lessons from local guitar wizard Ben Brown; absorb the wisdom and ask Ben a question
  • Birdman announces the release of - MALPRACTICE, a Fflint Central compilation - OUT NOW

    For fans of: Nurse With Wound, Throbbing Gristle, Tom Recchion, EAR, Gershawn Kingsley, and ALIENS.

    Fflint Central, a fantastic CDR-only label, comes from the country outside of Manchester where ley lines vibrate through the fates of the local inhabitants. Whether or not it is these vibrations that triggered off a group of like-minded sound distortionists to create dark, groovy soundscapes is anyone's guess. But the phenomena is real and for these past years amazing electronic warlords have formed groups to create some of the most innovative, trance-enducing, psychedelic wave formed moments since Stockhausen discovered the electrified Jew Harp.

    All twenty something of the Fflint Central releases, chronicling the exploits of the great bands such as PENDRO and BERKOWITZ, LAKE AND DAHMER, have been circulated in the underground in the form of CD-Rs, a medium of communication that unfortunately protects all but the fellow travelers from exposure. Yet the legendary late John Peel caught on and played them regularly on his show. Electronic guru rags such as WIRE and E/I have flown the freak flag of Fflint with gusto. And with this Birdman Records release, Malpractice -- a compilation of classic cuts from the Fflint Central archives -- for the first time in history, the music is being made readily available to the public.

  • The New York Times reviews PFFR's MTV2 show Wonder Showzen!
    Read the review here
  • Birdman-a-Phone will be releasing a 6-song EP later this month -- online only
  • Birdman Announces the Signing of Brian Glaze! The new record will be mastered soon and available by summer. Shows for April -

    • Wednesday, April 13th @ the Ivy Room, Oakland, CA
    • Saturday, April 16th @ Ivy Room, Oakland, CA
    • Wednesday, April 20th @ Stork Club, Oakland, CA.

  • Coyote can now be heard at Urban Outfitters across the country
  • PFFR develop show for MTV2

    - Birdman's own PFFR have a new show debuting on cable's MTV2 in March. Wonder Showzen "is an absurdist comedy/variety show, spiked with a team of puppets, kids, cartoons and old educational films." Tune in Friday, March 11 at 9.30pm eastern.
  • Midnite Snake Record Follow Up To Debut Classic

    - The Midnite Snake are putting the finishing touches on their new hell-ride of a record. It was recorded on January 30th and 31st at the Brass Factory in Pittsburgh by Jason Kirker (of Modey Lemon fame, who also helmed the boards recently for THE APES). It is rumored that drummer Paul Quattrone crashed the gong all over this session.

    Tentative Song Titles:
    • - Shaving the Angel
    • - Bigfoot 69
    • - Cruise Control
    • - My Sweet Load
    • - Super Modified

  • Birdman show posters available in our store now! Rare, out of print, hand-screened posters by Resist Impostors (Justin Walsh).
  • Greg Ashley is currently producing the debut album from The Time Flys
  • Birdman Records T-Shirt available in our store now! Show your allegiance to your favorite record label.

    • Birdman Records to release TWILIGHT SINGERS She Loves You on Vinyl in January 2005. Birdman is putting together an ultra-swank gatefold vinyl edition of the latest Twilight Singers long-player She Loves You, an album of covers that was released on CD by One Little Indian/Birdman last month. It will be 120mg vinyl and, unlike the CD release, boast the now legendary un-censored front cover in addition to an LP-exclusive bonus track, a cover of the Beatles' "Her Majesty" . Trust us, it is a beautiful thing.

    • COYOTE - By pulling from a multitude of musical influences, Coyote creates a sometimes haunting, sometimes sonic sound that allows the listener to feel joy from pain. With lyrics that often portray unnerving situations, Coyote immediately grabs your attention. The piano driven melodies invite the audience inside their frenzied spirit. Official site:

    • BROTHER JT - OFF BLUE is one of the most solid and beautiful do-it-yourself psychedelic records ever; it boasts JT's most melodic and "groovy" song to date, blending mosquito fuzzed-out guitar with a little folk and underwater goodness that resembles the fog descending on a mind filled with bliss.

    • Foetus - A brand new 4 song EP is available now, featuring the track "(not adam)" from the full-length album, plus exclusive re-ixes of two other tracks from the LOVE (Spring 2005) release: "Miracle", re-mixed by Jay Wasco, and "Time Marches On" re-mixed by Ipecac recording artist End. In addition, a new exclusive non-album track, "Not in Yr Hands", is included on the EP. For more info visit

     opens her store in Bernal Heights!!! Featuring hand-woven scarfs, yarn and other goodies by the one and only Paula Frazer. Visit Paula Frazer Handwoven at 324 Cortland Ave at Bennington, San Francisco CA.

  • Speaking of Paula, ex-Kronos Quartet-er Joan Jeanrenaud recently played on 3 songs of the upcoming Paula Frazer record August.

  • 7" BLOWOUT

    Giant Squid - It comes from the deep, the Giant Squid. It knows the dialect of rock spoken in the darkest corners of the Sea. With submerged industrial beats and Atlantis powered amplification, the rock is otherworldly and under watery. Bow down to the primitive genius of Giant Squid.

    Polyphonic Spree/Grandaddy - Two exclusive tracks by two of the most prized combos in America. The Polyphonic Spree offering is a studio version of the live favorite "The March." Grandaddy's side,"The Rugged and Splintered Entertainment Center", is a memorable song from these bearded wonders. Each band contributed beautiful artwork to this little 45 RPM nugget.

    Gris Gris - The A side (Mary) is an alternative version to the album's, featuring newbie Gris Gris Lars Kullberg on keyboards. The B side is a powerhouse psych explosion that reaffirms all that is electric.

    Time Flys - Energy!!!! Like the A side yells: Pure and simple energy. Early punk rawk-inspired greatness from Oakland featuring Andy from the Cuts on guitar. Listen in awe as new glam god (for definition of glam, see NY Dolls, Heartbreakers, etc) Eric Johnson preaches the positive with exploding hair and a brazen larynx on both sides of this raw, aggressive platter.