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Peter Walker
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Track listing
  1. MIDNIGHT (Media Noche)
  2. CASTLES (Castillos)
  3. MEMORIES OF THE TRIANA (Recuerdas de Triana)
  4. LAMENT (Lamento Minor)
  5. ANTONIOšS CAVE (Cueva de Atonio)
  6. MOMENT ALONE (Momento Soleo)
  7. THE LIGHT AND THE WATERFALL (La Luz y la Cascade)
  8. 3RD MODE OF E
  9. CALL FOR THEE (Jaleo Para Ti)

Spanish Guitar

Limited Edition LP Style CD Gatefold Jacket.

Released March 2008 Buy Now

In 1966 Peter Walker created a record called Rainy Day Raga, where he took the sound of the Eastern Ragas and translated them into the consciousness of the LSD generation, America. The record is still considered to be a classic of its genre, sited as a primary influence on the new psych/folk sounds of this now generation.

Peter, like the great blues guitar pickers before him, disappeared from public and recorded life for decades, and yet practiced and studied all along. Spanish Guitar is the culmination of this past era, finding Peter starting up where he left off with Rainy Day Raga, tracing his beloved Indian sound to Spain, where the gypsies went to redefine Spanish music and create what is now known as Flamenco.

This record is to Flamenco how Rainy Day Raga was to Ragas; an inspired sound that combines all of Peter's studying with his Western lens to create a sound that is so signature, and so beautifully played, that it creates in itself a new genre.

This is a sound you will not hear anywhere else; a sound that is transcendental; a sound that until now only belonged to the heavens.

Recorded live during a California tour in 2006. Edited by Ark Studios in NY. Mastered by Gary Hobish. Artwork by Nat Russell.

*For fans of: Jack Rose, Six Organs OF Admittance, John Fahey, Sandy Bull

*Liner notes by Peter Walker discussing the his history and the history of the sounds he has studied

*Peter will be touring extensively through US and Europe around the release of this record.