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The Time Flys
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Straight outta Oakland CA: Sir Eric "The Masher" Von Ravenson, Andy Freeze, Erin Error and Peter P Juvenile summon the eternally nasty 16-year old through the time-tested formula of guitar, drums, bass and sneering face.

This is rock 'n' roll realism at its real-est. Punk's final resurrection starts here; you better dig quick, Jack! Or get left on the stack!


We're the Time Flys and we don't care
You don't like us cuz we got long hair
We play Rock and Roll, we got no time
It's O.K. as long as it rhymes
That's what we do, that's how we play
We gonna do it -- do it to ya everyday

I wanna know, do you understand what I'm tryin to say?
You better go, you better watch out, cuz we're comin'
your way and it's TOO LATE...

You better hide in your cellar
You better lock up your kids
We're comin' in through the window
We're COMIN' IN!!!