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The Time Flys
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"The overall effect is something like past rock 'n' roll heroes sped and weirded up and send through an ancient-to-the-future drug haze." Village Voice

"Essential." Maximum Rock N' Roll

"The second slam-glam-dunk from this Oakland outfit. Not surprisingly, it sets their position as my favorite new band in stone. These two tunes bring to mind the Cro-Magnon genius of all those non-arty proto-punks that paved the way, which is a compliment of the highest order. That much-famed GIZMOS "S" chord even makes an appearance! This sounds like punk before punk looked like anything, if you catch my drift. Essential." -- Maximum Rock 'n' Roll on The Wet Ones / Christine

"Raw and rambunctious....a really good single that's got me wondering about these guys. Damn good record, but too damn short!" -- Horizontal Action Magazine on Energy

" So simple that it's just great...It will grow on you, trust me." -- Terminal Boredom on Energy