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The Time Flys
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Rebels of Babylon CD/LP. Released February 2007. Tracks: Reality (is a rock band), Lil' L.A., Zodiac Killer's Son, Down On History, This is Stoner Rock, Livin' in Sin, Shark Song, Bronzo's a Bruiser, Romance + Violence, Spotty Kid, Lucky Day, Energy, Dead Rock 'n' Rollers (Are Still Dead)
Fly CD/LP. Released August 2005. Tracks: Jailbait, Dirt (My Best Friend), Heavier, 1900's, 21st Century Ape-Man, Theme, In My Skool, Offin' The Chief, Anti-depressants, Teenage Tears, Teenage is the Stone-Age
The Wet Ones / Christine single. Released spring 2005. Tracks: The Wet Ones & Christine
Energy single. Released fall 2004. Tracks: Energy and PC Action