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  • Tom will have a piece in the next issue of MOCA's magazine The Contemporary on being a 'marginalized' artist
  • Will be putting on a concert at the Redcat at the end of Feb as part of MOCA's Visual Music concert series
  • Will be working on scoring a puppet show production of an Edgar Allan Poe story that will play for 6 nights at Cal Arts in Feb
  • Check out the article on Tom in April's issue of The Wire.
  • Winner of LA MUSIC AWARD
    "Best Uncategorizable Artist 2004"


I Love My Organ OUT NOW

The bulk of the material on Tom Recchion's second album for Birdman was recorded just after the completion of Chaotica in the mid-'80s, and sounds like a natural continuation of that record (despite the absence of any Esquivel). Recchion is assisted on some tracks by noted musician, composer, author, journalist for The Wire, and music curator David Toop (himself a collaborator with Eno, Jon Hassell, John Zorn, Talvin Singh, Adrian Sherwood, and Scanner). Recchion labored on I Love My Organ for years and years; dark and atmospheric, it is simultaneously creepy and relaxing lounge music for psychotics.

Tom Recchion has been a notable personality in the Los Angeles underground avant-garde experimental music scene since the '70s, having been a founding member of the Los Angeles Free Music Society, art rock band The B People, and creepodelic quartet Extended Organ. He's collaborated with the likes of Keiji Haino, David Toop, and done numerous installations at galleries in the United States and abroad. There's even a planned collaboration with the Kronos Quartet in the works. In 1996 Birdman released Recchion's first solo album, an astounding sound collage of looped, manipulated, and extrapolated music by Esquivel. Like soundtrack music to a never-before-seen David Lynch film, Chaotica sounded remarkably fresh and timely when released (even though it had been recorded at least 10 years earlier).

Track Listing:

  • 1. I Love My Organ
  • 2. Terry Riley In Rome
  • 3. Martian Kiss
  • 4. F&T (Rifs #3)
  • 5. Dubby Struts In Trenchtown (Rifs #2)
  • 6. Narcotic
  • 7. Ectoplasm
  • 8. It Walks Through Walls
  • 9. Forced To Waltz Forever
  • 10. The Perpetual Motion Clock Factory
  • 11. The Flea Circus
  • 12. Psst-Samba
  • 13. Truckers Carousel
  • 14. The First Thing To Crawl On Land