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LAFMS alumnus busts out sounds that are chaotic and beautiful - like Esquivel on acid.

"This album, played with tape loops, prerecorded records and cassettes, and keyboards, is really interesting. The first piece is completely abstract, while songs like 'Flying Weather' use instrumental samples, looped, that come from much larger songs. This is all really well done, especially since they are all live improvisations, and were not edited after they were created" - Light Music

Extended Organ - XOXO

Tom Recchion and a cast of other LAFMS alumni get together for one very twisted and creepy excursion.

"There's about a century's worth of radical music history between these guys, and, boy, does it show. XOXO's press release describes it as three years in the making, and at once it sounds like that and an afternoon's work. For this is radically Free music, which has its roots in improv but eschews any music-making dogma. EO will grab a cornball pop riff as soon as they'll turn in a psych-organ solo. Or scream a lot...This is masterful stuff, a sound world rendered as physical as any can be. Great start to the year, I reckon." - Sonomu


Another installment from Los Angeles Free Music Society member, Tom Recchion. Two tracks: one Black, one Gold. Originally part of an art installation from the LA Municipal Art Gallery, these are a limited edition, website exclusive.