Now It's Time

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Now It’s Time finds songwriter/chanteuse Paula Frazer reconvening her critically-acclaimed group Tarnation.  The band consists of Frazer, longtime collaborator Patrick Main on piano, and Jasmyn Wong on drums.  But as usual, the show belongs to Paula, who can play any instrument she puts her hand on and recorded much of the record in her classic Victorian house in the famed Bernal Heights area of San Francisco.

On Now It’s Time, Paula Frazer and Tarnation reconnect with their past, presenting olde tyme Americana sounds with whisping swirls of guitars and strings, wonderfully framing Paula’s signature angelic voice.  The songs depict loss and sorrow but seek and find solace, warmth and comfort: the immediacy of the writing and production add to the pure and fluid sensibility to Frazer’s voice. A haunting, beautiful record that could easily be the soundtrack for every Cormac McCarthy novel.

Album: Now It’s Time
Artist: Paula Frazer and Tarnation
Catalog Number: BMR 095